Omaha Walk To End Alzheimer’s

It’s walk time. Sunday September 25th will be the second time I have attended the Omaha Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in August of 2015. Last year the walk was important to me because it was a very public way to admit I had Alzheimer’s. As I stood on stage representing all those in attendance who were also diagnosed it became very real.

In the last year much has happened, my wife and I have been on TV many times telling our story. With the assistance of the Alzheimer’s Association I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many different groups. Between speaking, this blog and  appearances on TV, thousands of people have heard my story. We will continue on with the speaking engagements and this blog.

I have two lifelines as I journey through this life with Alzheimer’s, first, my wife has been supportive from the beginning. Always encouraging.

The second lifeline is Elizabeth Chentland, I am constantly inspired by her compassion, big heart, and endless support. The Omaha office of the Alzheimer’s Association is very fortunate to have such a dedicated individual. Debra and I don’t know where we would be today without Elizabeth.

This is the email I got from Elizabeth announcing the name of her team and asking me to join her.

I’ve decided it’s time to walk. To walk in honor of five people who have impacted my life and shaped my passion. Five of millions who have been impacted by Alzheimer’s.

In honor of:
1)  Ida “Lib” Herbrechtsmeier, former neighbor and long time family friend. Brilliant. Thoughtful. Lib was the first person I knew who battled AD. Deceased, age 96.

2)  Vivian A., former resident of a nursing facility I worked in. Her upbeat attitude, wide smile, and glistening eyes stole my heart at the ripe age of 16. Deceased, age 87.

3)  John Granzow, great uncle. World traveler and ice cream lover. Energetic. Positive. Deceased, age 79.

4)  Norma Okland, grandmother-in-law. Bowler extraordinare and PB&J master chef. Upbeat. Best smile. Deceased, age 81.

5)  Mike Hughbanks, partner in crime. Courageous advocate, wine lover. Genuine. Motivated. Living with AD, age 59.

You can join my team. You can donate to support me in my journey. You can fight for a cure with me.

Elizabeth and I will be walking Sunday fighting for a cure. If you want to know more about our team and the walk, here is the shortcut to our team page.

Fight For Five Homepage

Hope to see you at the walk!

Mike Hughbanks

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