October Update

October started as a very busy month. Coming off the Alzheimer’s Walk in Omaha on September 27th I thought maybe I would be looking for things to do in October but that hasn’t been the case.

Long Term Disability has been a challenge to say the least. I really had no idea it was as complicated or involved as it became.  We just learned last week that it was finally approved after we filed for it on August 18. We later learned that they wouldn’t even consider it until the end of the short term period which was September 24th. We did not miss any benefits however which was good.

Nebraska Medicine Video Shoot was on October 2. We once again had a film crew in our home to tape a video spot that they will use for promotional and social media purposes for the Memory Disorder Program that works with Alzheimer’s Disease. It will be a good avenue to continue getting the word out about Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

Speaking engagements will be starting soon also. I do receive feedback from the blog and yes, I am available to speak at local civic and church events in the Omaha Metro about Alzheimer’s Disease. I do like sharing my story and answering questions about my experiences.

Wood working has always been a passion of mine, I love working with cedar. I built a 6 foot cedar obelisk in September.


I am currently working on a Wren house to go on top and plan to build more cedar garden furniture over the winter. We want a 10-12 foot tall Obelisk with a Wren Condo to mount on top to put in our raised beds, stay tuned.

Omaha Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is currently working on a program specifically for Early Stage Support. I am excited to help with this new program and think this will be very valuable to the Omaha area.

Home Alone sometimes can be fun. Debra spent last weekend in Minneapolis visiting with her daughter and family so I spent 4 days with Max playing ball and watching bad TV and movies at ear numbing volumes, it was great. I was really glad to see Debra back home safe and sound though, I missed her. Back to healthy eating and exercising.

20140903_175322Max is such a ham.

Thanks Debra for the last post on your perspective. I have memories of some of what she is referring to, but some of it I don’t recall. As you will notice, I figured out how to insert media, now I am dangerous! I struggle a little with how to manage the blog, I am hoping to be able to enhance it in the future, I am currently looking for a little outside assistance.



One thought on “October Update

  1. Mike, it was great reconnecting with you at the MENs meeting earlier this week. I’m so sorry to read all of this and learn what you and Debra have been dealing with since the Alzheimer’s diagnosis. My prayers go out to both of you, and I think your blog is outstanding. The amount of detail you have provided is good for those of us who don’t know what you’re going through.

    God Bless you and I look forward to catching up with you more at future meetings.

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